Heigl vs. Van Damme

I’ve had an epiphany. Katherine Heigl is the Jean-Claude Van Damme of romantic comedies.

OK, lemme explain...

Back in the 80’s, Van Damme was your go-to guy for action flicks. He was that reliable constant- in a Van Damme movie, you knew exactly what you were getting. Most of the characters JCVD played were pretty interchangeable, but you knew that you were getting spin-kicks, splits, funny accents, and at least one fight in his underwear. Seriously, Van Damme probably holds a record of some sort for the number of fight scenes done in his boxers.

Now, take Katherine Heigl. Nowadays, she’s the go-to-girl for any sort of romantic comedy. She too is that reliable constant- I’m a guy, and even I can name several off of the top of my head. And like Van Damme, you know exactly what you’re getting. In this case, it’s a quirky workaholic who serves as a balance to an oafish man of some sort, eventually maturing him.

So yeah, different genres and eras, but they each serve the same roles within their particular niche. Now, someone please tell me that I’m not crazy for thinking this.


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