re: Tron Legacy

Dear Geek Council,

I know that my standing within the Order of Geekdom has taken a few hits lately, with me not having attended a convention in quite some time, as well as my being delayed in seeing several movies. One of the movies in question was Tron: Legacy, which I am happy to report I’ve finally watched on DVD. The reason I am writing to the Council is so that I can address a situation before the story gets back to you, distorted and all kinds of wrong.

OK, here goes. I thought Tron: Legacy was OK. Not epic nor earth-shatteringly awesome, just OK.

Now, I am aware of the fact that there are perhaps several members of the Geek Order that are now on their way to my abode to assault me with lightsabers, but I stand by my opinion. Don’t get me wrong- there was some cool stuff in there, and it certainly was very pretty and colorful. But I personally feel that more could have been done with it, and that an opportunity was missed.

OK, some things I -did- like more than others...

There are some that place the original on a pedestal, and perhaps see my assessment as blasphemy. While I do have respect for the source material and always thought the original looked very cool, there isn’t a lot that I can recall from the original Tron. To me, it was cool movie, but not one of the ones that I would count as a favorite growing up.

I hope that The Council will continue to look upon me favorably, and that I might retain my Geek standing within the Order. Summer has just officially begun, and there are a number of movies being released in the coming months that intrigue me greatly. Though it may draw the ire of my brethren, I am looking forward to Transformers 3 simply because it cannot be worse than #2. Unless, however, we see the return of Skids and Mudflap, riding in on Devastator’s robotic nads. We shall see.

— Mani

PS- Should they screw up the new Conan the Barbarian, please be advised that I will unleash a rant of near-biblical proportions.


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