Random Sidenotes: Year One

Though not officially there just yet, it’s been about a year since I’ve started Random Sidenotes. So, what better time to talk about the past few months and what I’ve got planned?

I thought it was interesting taking a look at some of the search terms that brought people here outside of the links on Facebook/Twitter/Google+. So without further ado-

The Top 5 Search Terms That Brought People Here
1. Soul Calibur 5
2. Conan the Barbarian
3. Yoshimitsu
4. Soul Calibur 5 Renders
5.  Conan the Destroyer

Hmmm, I’m seeing a theme here.

The Top 5 Amusing Terms That Brought People Here
1. What Is Best In Life
2. Barbarian Woman
3. Tira Boobs
4. Mature Content Boobs
5. Shrek Arrow Butt (?!)

A lot of folks searching for boobies, which amuses me greatly as there’s nary a mention of teets in the blog. But hey, I’m cool with whatever brought you here!

The Top 5 WTF Terms That Brought People Here
1. Patroklos Yaoi
2. Talim Naked (YOU SICK BASTARD!)
3. Kilik Yaoi
4. Golem Parts
5. Ezio Yaoi

Apparently I attract a good lot of freaky Soul Calibur fans as well. Indeed. And no, I’m not telling you what yaoi is if you don’t know. Search for that one yourself, and beware of squealing fangirls.

So, what’s on tap for this coming year? Well crap, I don’t know. The name of the blog is Random Sidenotes after all, with emphasis placed on that Random part. If nothing else I want to include more information on the various projects I’m working on, from stories/random RPG stuff and whatever rants spring to mind. I’m currently working on an analysis of an animated feature that helped warp my fragile mind as a child back in the 80’s, and I’m not talking Heavy Metal, though there is a rather significant musical influence behind it. If all goes well I’ll have that written up by the weekend.

Happy 2012! Make it a good year, and let us hope the Mayans are wrong!


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