“Shaken, Not Stirred” – My Five Favorite Bond Themes

#YOLO? Bond begs to differ.

So, a few weeks back I found myself with a longer-than-average commute to work. This left me plenty of time to get reacquainted with the random assortment of CD’s that I keep in the car, which of course included ‘The Best of Bond’. I’ve had Bond on the brain a bit as of late due partially to the Skyfall announcement as well as the awesome folks over at Funk’s House of Geekery doing their own 007 retrospective. It got me thinking- what are my favorite theme songs from the series?

I’d like to point out that this list isn’t The Bestest Bond Songs Ever And If you Disagree, I Hate You– this is all a matter of opinion. You there in the back, put that pitchfork down!

When going through each song again, I had two revelations-

1. I’ve been unfair to ‘Another Way To Die’ (Quantum of Solace). While it’s still not one of my favorites, it does have a pretty killer bass line.

2. ‘Die Another Day’ still sucks something fierce. Really, screw that song.

Honorable Mention: ‘You Know My Name’ (Casino Royale)

It’s still pretty new within the panteon, but it was a great reintroduction into the world of 007. This song may or may not have been playing in the background as I was getting dressed for my wedding.

5. ‘Live And Let Die’

One of my favorite movies in the series based solely on the henchmen Tee-Hee and the epic Baron Samedi. Sure, it’s one of the cheesier Bond movies to come out, but it’s still a lot of fun. It was during the Roger Moore era that I was first introduced to Bond so this one definitely stuck with me.

4. ‘Diamonds are Forever’

You really can’t go wrong with Shirley Bassey. One of the more mellow songs in the Bond catalog, but it’s still iconic and unmistakably awesome. And if anyone brings up Kanye West’s version of this song, I will find a way to set fire to your IP address.

3. ‘Thunderball’

Even if you knew nothing about the characters going in, the song does a pretty good job of explaining the type of dude that Bond’ was dealing with. It pretty much gives you a list Largo’s dubious attributes dictated with the gusto that can only be done by Tom Jones. I imagine that there’s an extended version of this song detailing Largo’s parking tickets, jaywalking, and propensity of being a lousy tipper.

And as far as the movie goes, this one had the jetpack. THE FRIGGIN’ JETPACK. If someone ever did a list of the most iconic Bond gadgets, that sucker’s top tier for sure.

2. ‘Goldfinger’

Shirley Bassey strikes again! If I were making a list of what I considered the most iconic Bond themes, this would be #1 without a doubt. To me, Goldfinger stands at the perfect Bond movie- memorable villain, great theme, the most uniquely name Bond-girl ever, and Oddjob. Really, can you get any cooler than a henchman that Kung-Lao’s you with a bowler hat?

1. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’

Severely underrated, to me OHMSS captures the essence of Bond. Being an orchestrated piece takes lyrics out of the equation, and for my money is on par with the Bond theme itself in sheer awesomeness. It also gets major bonus points for being featured in the first trailer to The Incredibles.

Thoughts? What are your favorite Bond themes?


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