“So My Game Master’s A Jerk…” (Part I)

Over the years I’ve learned that gamers are a special breed. I’ve heard all kinds of stories of some of the random stuff that has gone down around a table, for better or for worse. With all of the shenanigans that has taken place at various tables over the years, I figured that would be an awesome spring of knowledge to pull a story or two from.


My original concept was to do a series of short stories detailing the miscellaneous details in the life of a group of role playing gamers, focusing on their lives around and beyond the table. This was the first chapter that I ended up writing; as time went on, I decided to make this more of a stand-alone story. However there’s still plenty of geek-fodder to explore with these guys, so I’m pretty sure I’ll end up revisiting this group.

So, what happens when a real life crush starts to interfere with a game? That is the question indeed.

Now, I’m going to repeat a few things that I’ve said to everyone and their respective mommas about this-

1) This is a work of fiction.

2) None of the characters are based directly on anyone I know.

3) It is, however, influenced by different incidents and stories I’ve heard and experienced over the years. However, I repeat that this is a work of fiction.

Also, be wary- the language gets a wee bit salty, especially later on. Hopefully you’re not offended by the occasional three, four or twelve-lettered word.

Now, with all of that out of the way, I present Part I of So My Game Master’s A Jerk. Parts II and III will follow in the next few days!

Part I


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