re: the geek girl debate

Dear Geek Council,

We really need to address this ‘fake geek girl’ situation that everyone seems to be making a big deal about. No, I’m not referring to the trendy douchebags with the dark-rimmed glasses because I believe that we all can agree that those guys and gals suck. I’m taking about legitimate geek girls that get unfairly scrutinized and labeled as an interloper by our own kind.


We acknowledge that in this day and age it’s much easier being a geek than it was for our forefathers. With that being the case, there are more and more people proudly declaring their geek pride, which has seen our numbers soar dramatically in recent years. While it feels like we’ve been an exclusive boy’s club for countless millennia, common sense has to tell us that guys aren’t the only ones that like D&D, programming and quoting Monty Python skits unsolicited. Yes, women like geeky stuff too, and thanks to our recent influx of proud members it stands to reason that women would be amongst that lot.

And while we do have our seasoned vets, there are quite a few newbies that have made their way into the fold as well. As a society, have we forgotten what it was like to be a newbie? Have we forgotten the joy, that moment of enlightenment where we saw something that just clicked and resonated with us on a level that we didn’t think was possible? That first time you saw anime, or that video game that you just absolutely would not put down until you finished it? And do we remember that time we were talking about it with someone that we thought was of a like mind, who then proceeded to snort in disgust because we hadn’t seen a particular movie or played a certain game? Do we remember how much we hated him?


"Now, let me tell you why your opinion sucks."
“Now, let me tell you why your opinion sucks.”

The fact is that there is not a single one amongst us who was not a newbie at one point. We all had to start from somewhere. And I think it’s particularly bad for our femme-geek sisters who we, for some ungodly reason, seem to only believe are there to infiltrate our culture.

Is there a polite way of saying that we need to get the @$%& over ourselves? Because if there isn’t I’m just going to say that we need to get the @$%& over ourselves. I love being a geek, but let’s be real here- we ain’t all dat, y’know.

So, she now has an interest in super heroes thanks to The Dark Knight trilogy and The Avengers? Rather than be that asshole that quizzes her on stuff from the comics, why not suggest a few stories for her to check out? Is she getting into anime after watching Naruto? Talk to her about how Vampire Hunter D sucked you in. Share your experiences, and show some common freaking decency. Nobody likes an elitist.

You know what? This actually shouldn’t just apply to geek girls. ANY new geek should be extended this courtesy. We need to take active steps to keep from becoming “that guy”. Because really, nobody likes that guy.


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