A Few Movies That I Need To Watch This Year

So, one of the things on my list of things to be done in 2013 is to watch several movies that I’ve been meaning to get around to. A lot of these have slipped past me for various reasons, but I’m hoping the rectify some of this before the year is done. I’ll more than likely go back and edit this post as I remember more movies that I forgot to add.

The Big Lebowski (1998)
Before I get drug out to the streets and beaten about the head and shoulders with a bag of rusty doorknobs for skipping this classic, this was rectified a few weeks ago. Put down your pitchforks!


Dark City (1998)
I’ve heard from several sources that the best way to watch this is to mute the first ten or so minutes (or at least until the bathtub) as the intro gives quite a bit away. Any thoughts from those that have seen it?

Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)
I’m lumping these two together since they really do go hand in hand. I borrowed a copy of each from a friend a while back and I really need to make some time to watch both of these.

Fight Club (1999)
Do not give me that look. I had this one spoiled for me many years ago, and in rather blatant fashion too. Despite that, I still understand that it’s still worthwhile and necessary viewing.

"Say, did you know that..." "SHUT THE @#$% UP!"
“Say, did you know…” “Shut the @#$% up, Spoiler McSpoilerpants!!”

The Usual Suspects (1995)
Again with the looks! True story, my dad had rented this one some years ago and I literally walked in right at the scene. I mean, I walked in RIGHT as they were putting two and two together. That unfortunately pushed Suspects down the queue a bit for me, but I still want to see it on account everyone telling me of it sheer awesomeness.

Bullitt (1968)
I’ve been told that I cannot consider myself a man until I watch this.

West Side Story (1961)
One of my coworkers has placed me on Puerto Rican Probation until I have seen this. Musicals typically aren’t my thing, but I can stomach them from time to time. Besides, I’ve been told that it’s also a great exercise in documenting one of Michael Jackson’s greatest influences in his music videos, as you can see West Side’s fingerprints in a lot of his stuff.

More to be added, I’m sure!


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