“Lazy But Talented”

Earlier this year I caught site of a young man wearing a shirt that forced me into a double take as I was having trouble comprehending what had just been introduced into my optical areas. Sure, I had read it, and yes, the words did make sense. It was just the sentiment behind it that had managed to backhand me like an angry pimp named Waylon T. Floyd, wearing a pinky-ring that bore his initials of WTF. I dismissed it at the time, but then I saw a young man wearing the same shirt today.


Now, I’ve never claimed to be the most eloquent chap in the world, but I have been known to string together an interesting array of words from time to time. That being said, I can summarize my feelings for this rather succinctly.


I mean, seriously. Everybody has a talent, and that talent should be considered a gift. But that talent should also be cultivated, practiced and refined. In short, nobody cares about whatever talent you claim to have if you’re too frickin’ lazy to do anything with it. It might as well say Squandered Potential. And I’m pretty sure that in the history of, well, history, that’s never been considered a good thing.

To me the shirt is frustrating at best, and downright German-Suplexing-a-Pony rage-inducing at worst. Nike, you can’t encourage people to Just Do It one minute, then say that it’s ok to be a legend in your own mind the next. You’re talented, and that’s a wonderful thing. Now, what do you plan on doing with it?


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