RPG Sidenotes: Versatility


I wanted to try something a little different here.

A while back I was poking around on The RPG Guy’s Facebook page, and in one of his videos he was discussing advice for newbie Game Masters. The suggestion that stuck with me was to remain loose when plotting a gaming session, and to be prepared to deviate from your notes at a moment’s notice. I though it was pretty funny because it totally reminded me of one of my group’s sessions back in the day where I learned that lesson first-hand. I’ve been wanting to do a video for a while now, so here’s my retelling of said incident.

Apologies for the shakiness of the camera early on as I accidentally bumped the desk with all of my random hand-movements. I’ll definitely had a steadier surface for any future vids. So sit back, and enjoy a tale of an army of kobolds vs. our brawl-happy gaming group!


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