36 Random Facts

"Double-ewe-tee-eff?"1. My favorite pizza topping trio is pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms. This has been the case for as long as I can remember, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

2. As a side effect of working retail for so many years, I possess mad skillz at giving diplomatic answers to just about any question that comes my way. This can be quite infuriating to people at times.

3. If cornered by a shark with a chainsaw and asked to choose a favorite movie or face horrible marine-life dispensed murder, I would answer Brotherhood of the Wolf. Then I’d probably try to make an argument for Conan the Barbarian, and end up facing horrible marine-life dispensed murder.

4. I want to be a cool dad, but I don’t want to be THAT cool dad. I think this makes sense.

5. I am continually looking for ways to combine my creativity, random pop-culture knowledge and general disdain for mankind into a lucrative career.

6. OK, I don’t really have a general disdain for mankind. I’m actually pretty obnoxiously positive 95% of the time.

7. If people knew how inappropriate my sense of humor was, I honestly don’t know if I’d have more friends or less.

8. My biggest fears are death by drowning or suffocation, or being powerless to stop something terrible from happening to my wife and/or daughter.

9. My musical tastes and temperament lead me to believe that I would have been happy living in the 70’s.

10. I may or may not have used my art skills for evil, and may or may not have drawn a topless girl on a dry-erase board in an empty college classroom while visiting friends at the University of Florida many years ago.

11. I’m currently obsessed with all things Steampunk.

12. I spend a great deal more time plotting than executing. To me, this is my greatest struggle.

13. Like any other human being on the planet, I have things that I don’t like. However, it is very rare that I actually say that I hate something.

14. Two things that terrified me as a child- Gremlins, and Zuul from Ghostbusters. Like, thanks-for-making-me-scared-of-the-@#%*ing-dark type of terror as a child.

15. I love a good joke, but I absolutely cringe when it’s directly at someone’s expense. I will, without fail, turn to a different radio station as soon as a morning show does a crank call, for example.

16. I have a tendency to abuse commas. And of course I don’t have any commas in this entire statement.

17. Ever since Lily was born, I’ve noticed that a lot of my story ideas focus on female protagonists. This is in direct contrast to being afraid to write anything from a non-male point of view years ago out of fear of sounding artificial.

18. I live in constant fear of dying suddenly and not having a chance to explain all of the crazy notes I’ve written over the years.

19. I’ve noticed that I can get teary-eyed when either witnessing something insanely cool in a movie, or if I plot something out in my head to the perfect music. It is, undeniably, quite weird.

20. One of our dogs (Peanut) doesn’t hate me as much as just tolerates my presence. He also won’t walk down stairs. Sometimes, when carrying His Royal Highness down the steps I’ll shake his paw and sing ~Pleased to meet you, won’t you be my frieeeeeeend?~

21. I still have yet to watch/read all of Harry Potter. I purposely avoided it while I was plotting out Glenshire Abbey in order to prevent any accidental similarities creeping into the world design.

22. Seeing ignorant behavior bothers me, but I get downright furious when I see it being passed along to children.

23. I could be falling asleep in the middle my keyboard, but I will refuse to go to bed if it feels “too early”. This has led to me accidentally sleeping on the floor and couch more times than I can count and care to admit.

24. I’d love to do voice acting. My two favorites are “Overly-Cocky Douchebag” and “Sniveling Minion”.

25. I always have some sort of music going in my head. ALWAYS.

26. It’s buried, but I do possess a bit of a mean-streak and can become pretty competitive when pushed. I’ve also learned over the years that anger is one of my strongest motivators.

27. I’m going to learn to play some sort of instrument, dammit. I’m thinking guitar.

28. Hidden talent- I can sling some pretty vicious “Yo’ Momma” jokes.

29. I love listening to instrumental soundtracks, especially if it’s for a movie or game that I’m not totally familiar with. It takes my mind in interesting directions.

30. I have two types of stores that I consider Sanctuaries. First is a book store, followed closely by an arts and crafts place. I always experience an odd sense of calm whenever I’m in either one.

31. I am a huge fan of unique song covers. One of my absolute favorites is this acoustic take on Prototype by Outkast.

32. My dancer name is Mocha Latte Supreme. Nevermind the fact that I’ve never been a dancer, but I just love telling people that.

33. I have three dreams that I contemplate from time to time. A lot of it is me just kicking ideas around, but on occasion it becomes a solid “What If”. The first is wanting to open a shop focusing on board games, cards and RPG’s. There really isn’t one towards my neck of the woods, and I’ve always enjoyed hanging out in gaming shops.

34. My second dream is wanting to open a movie theater. I don’t want to call it indie because that always sounds to me like I should be showing black-and-white movies in French with sad violin music. I’d like a place where I could show stuff like old-school martial arts flicks, classic sci-fi and of course, monthly showings of Rocky Horror.

35. My third dream is also one of my longest term ones. I would love to host a masquerade ball. I’m talking music, dancing, lavish costumes, all that good stuff. I blame Labyrinth, though I’d like it to be slightly less creepy. Cristi may have talked me down a bit to consider throwing a costume party instead, which I think is a worthy compromise.

36. I am a horrible procrastinator. This is evidenced by the fact that I started this list on my birthday. My birthday was back in February, by the way.


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