Who Is This Strange Man?

via Bitstrips

Who is this strange man what stands before you?

I’m a guy that’s looking fully embrace his creative side, and has yet to develop the ability to refer to himself in the third person. I write, I draw, I rant, and every once in a while I actually make sense. I also have a strange array of interests including, but not limited to, technology, movies, video games, ninjas, steampunk, fantasy, music older than myself, and Godzilla. I’m the man of 1,000 dreams, but a horrible inability to focus on one thing at a time. I find ways to work movie quotes into everyday conversation, and do so without an ounce of shame. I think that my three-year-old daughter is the coolest person on the planet. And my default answer for which-superhero-would-win arguments is Batman, if he knows you’re coming. I mean c’mon, that dude’s got a plan for everything


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