So, who wants to write a novel?

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is coming up in November, and it promises to be an insane, yet fun, romp of creativity. I heard about this earlier this year, and I’m signing up to do it, dammit. So who else wants to give it a go? Who’s with me?

Check their site out- they explain it a lot better than I just did.

Go ahead. Sack up and do it!


Pet Projects

Well, I’m glad to get past that awkward first posting. Something I remember from my webpage days is that it’s a little difficult to get started posting stuff, but it gets easier over time. =)

So What Exactly The Hell Are You Working On?
My brain’s the equivalent of a Sarlaac pit- a huge gaping maw filled with so much strange crap that its nearly impossible to tell where it all came from originally. Even so, I do have a few projects that take up the majority of my time once Real Life (TM) is taken care of, and Lily is put to bed. First and foremost, let’s get something established- I’m a huge honkin’ geek. Granted I think I’ve achieved some semblance of balance in my life where I can masquerade as a pretty normal dude. Even so, my roots will show from time to time. I’ve been known to bust out random movie quotes rather naturally and unsolicited, there’s a lightsaber hanging on my sword rack immediately to my left, and I’m listening to an arranged version of one of my favorite songs from the video game Chrono Trigger as I write this. With that being established, it’s probably not really surprised that I’m designing and writing a fantasy-based role playing game.

Yup, a role playing game. Thank God I’m already married and have spawned.

Glenshire Abbey has been my pet project for a couple of years now, and I suspect that it’ll actually see the light of day before the year is done. I’ll get into the details on a later update, but it feels good being able to see that light at the end of the tunnel as you come close to completing a project. Of course part of that excitement is knowing that you’ll be free to pursue another idea, buried somewhere in that Sarlaac pit I call a brain. We’ll see what comes up next.

I’ll make it a point to post up a few tidbits of work here and there. And I still need to make myself an actual logo…

The Newness!

Hi there, everybody.

So, I’ve been talking about getting a blog for the better part of forever, and I finally sacked up and did it. So, who am I, and more importantly, why do I need a blog?

To be blunt, I’m a pretty disorganized dude trying to keep up with the dozen or so ideas floating through my head at any given point in time. I’m a writer, an artist, an unrepenting geek, and a guy that can rant about any number of random subjects at the drop of a hat. In short, I’m just a guy that has the audacity to think that he has something worthwhile to share with the masses, with the hopes of being at least somewhat entertaining. I’m here to embrace my creative side.

Actually, scratch that. I’m not looking to merely embrace my creative side; I’m here to get to second and/or third base with it.

OK, I’ll write more later, I promise. It’s getting late, and I need to get something up before I delay this ANOTHER night =)

First task- make a new logo!